Friday, 27 May 2016

Crown's Game

Crown's Game 

I did not expect this book to be so consuming. Gosh! I feasted on the book like a cannibal. It was marvelous. The characters felt so real and were easy to connect to. The author knows how to create the scene and make her readers imagine the situation in their minds as if they are there themselves. The feeling, romance, betrayal, fear, and power felt so mystical like I can enchant something with a snap of my fingers myself. The author did not just write about power and magic, she gave them to the readers.

This book is about the Crown's game. Each country is only allowed to have one enchanter. Russia, where the story took place, have two, though they do not know that until the time comes when they have to play the game. The game's rules are fairly simple. Kill or be killed. The strongest enchanter will kill the other. Only one can survive. However, what happens when the enchanters both fall in love? Can they kill each other? The Prince knows both the enchanters, one is his best friend and the other is his love. Once he becomes the king, can he watch them slaughter one another and can he live without one or the other? 

This book had me


It's incredible. If you like the Red Queen, The Hunger Games, or the Court of Mist and Fury, then it's a mash of everything. However, it's not like a mimic of them, it has it's own identity and it's own twist and turns. The story blooms itself.

The world Evelyn created in this book is so complete. Readers would love to dive into her world without hesitation but would find themselves stuck in her fantasy for it's one that no one would want to leave. 

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