Wednesday, 29 October 2014

If I Stay || Book Review

If I Stay

This book, I took along with me on the plane and travel. I have no regrets. This book is so beautifully written. It not only tells a story of a girl but also delivered a deep meaningful message to all readers. We should appreciate what we have before its gone cause you never know when faith turns its back on you and you never know when things will slowly slip away from your own palm. But what the author really wants to say is that you always have a choice, a say in life and that even tho there are accident, even tho there are false, there's always hope in life and light do shine their way in if only you let them in. People tend to give up when things get messy and hard to handle but this book taught me that when things get tough, you get stronger. 

Mia in this story was an ordinary girl who lives with her parents and a little brother, Teddy. One day she and her family were going out and there was an accident. From there, Mia lost all of them. She watch as they carry her love ones' body away. What surprise her most was that she was still alive, in spirit. And in her spirit she has all the flash backs of the old times. Adam, Mia's boyfriend was there for her all the time and so was her best friend Kim. They know it will be hard for her to face her lost if she wakes up but at the same time they were not ready to lose her too. Mia's grandparents weren't selfish enough to hold her back. Mia was given a choice to erase  her pain and rest in peace or she could stay and face the pain of her lost. The pain of grief are not easy to pass by. It may not seem real at first when when it does, the pain eats up the heart and soul in you one by one.

In the end, Mia chose her path. She wasn't sure if the path she chosen was right or wrong. But one thing she was sure of is that, right now, Adam, Kim and her grandparents needed her, as much as she needed them.

Rate :4.8/5

hugs and kisses

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pei Wei & Food Shopping Vlog

Hello Everybody !

I have been so busy lately with college and moving stuff so I have not have the time to write any blog post but.- but I did take my camera along with me and amde it into a small little vlog/video where you follow me around. This vlog is mainly food (cause who doesn't like food?) and because we ran out of grocery that day so it was a food day aka fav day. hahah
NOTE : I do eat healthy most of the times, but its good to treat yourself once a while and I haven't had a treat for 5 months (literally). It's okay sometimes to let your taste bugs swim in a sea of indulgences because that is healthy. Eating healthy 24/7 can make you go insane and even cause tension when your meal plans goes a little out of order; believe me I know cause I have been there. So remember to treat yourself and have a lovely day peeps.

hugs and kisses

Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Deepest Fear.

Yesterday, I took off. I flew to a whole new country, a whole new environment that felt like a whole new world. Many of my family and friends asked :

Wont you miss this place? Home?

Wont you miss your family? friends?

or say something like

You must be happy and excited

Don't get me wrong, I am excited and happy. Say the truth, I still pinch myself every time I wake up so I would know that I am not dreaming. But the truth is, I am scared.

I am scared of what lies ahead, the unknown. No matter how many smiles or how much I convince myself that I will be alright but being alright was a definition I still don't have the answer to. What does alright feel like? I often think what my life would be like if I did not took off? What would my life be if I did? The future scares everyone, don't tell me you aren't scared. The unknown is like the darkness, we yearn for the comfort of light as it provides shape and form. But what if you couldn't find the light and your darkness became a blur. What the future lies may be great when I am here, but will it be what I want. Leaving my family, my friends, was it worth it ? What if it didn't turn out the way I wanted it? What if my plans were like the millions of plan people had but never did come to life?

I had so much doubt and worries but when I was on the plane, I thought, it doesn't matter where I go. Family will still be there, true friends will stick but dreams are just one life opportunity. Its a grab it or leave it decision. I am not good with decisions if you know me well, I suck at them but I took this risk. What is life without risk right? My thoughts are now on a fine line but there is one thing I am sure. Right now, I am happy and that what's matter. This thought me a lot that we should do what we want and what makes us happy. We shouldn't think so much of the future. since we cant control it then way waste time worrying how it will turn out. Let faith have a word in our life and let faith bring the light. If you love what you do then do it. What matters now may not matter tomorrow but as long as now, you are happy then that whats truly matter.   

Hugs and kisses

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Maze Runner Series || Book Review

The Maze Runner Series

Thomas as mysteriously sent to a place that was in a middle of a maze. There were also a group of boys there. They were all surprised to see Thomas. Thomas, who was still dizzy in his mind of confusion, was not comfortable there. He found out that the boys had been there longer then he could ever imagine. They had divided themselves to groups and running the place like a city; cooks, builders, healers and what Thomas fancy most was the runners. The runners are selected to run into the maze when it is open to find any trace or clue of an exit and come back before the door closes. Thomas wanted to be a runner so he became one by proving himself worthy. It wasn't the fact that he didn't want to cook for the other or garden but something in his heart told him that he could find a way out and he knew it in his heart, just forgotten about it.

After a few weeks, a girl was sent to them. It was like having unicorns for your birthday, it doesn't happen, not at all. The boys all got curious but what made them more suspicious is that the girl knew who Thomas was. When she got there, she recognized Thomas immediately. Thomas had no memory of her. The girl too did not know her own name so that was that. A pile of questions. 

The end, they did find a way out but not many made it. It was a bloody ride. But once they were out, Thomas wasn't sure if being out of the maze was a good idea anymore. The world was different. Everything changed. The weather changed dramatically from hours to hours. There were people too, but wither they were sick or going to be sick. There was this disease going on where it gets to the brain of people. when you get this disease, it eats up your brain and you slowly go insane. Its like the walking dead. 

Thomas then got back his memories. SPOILER ALERT Tomas was in a mission for an evil government But he saw the wrong in doing what the government wanted so he created a cure. However the government locked him in the maze and washed his memories. SPOILER ALERT Thomas and the boys went on a mission to find the cure which, figure, is difficult.

I personally like the basic of the story, about getting out of a maze and finding a cure but the downer was that it was too draggy and long. Also it was so scary and its like a race literally. But if you like a good run and also action, I assure you there are a lot, a lot of action.

Rate : 3.3 /5 

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Shatter Me Book Series || Book Review

Shatter Me Book Series

This series is about a girl, Juliette, who can make people feel pain or even kill someone with her touch. She was then locked away for ages and I MEAN AGES. she hasn't touch anyone since. Then one day someone was sent to stay in her cell. She was nervous., She hasn't interact with anyone since she was first put away. His name was Adam. Adam on the other hand was immune to her touched. so after spending some time with Juliette. Adam was able to unlock the closed heart of Juliette that was fragile and afraid of herself.

One fine day, (not really) Adam and Juliette got out of the cell and found their way out. But the world was not the same as Juliette thought. It was cold and dark. It was like every life on Earth was suck out , leaving a empty shadow wondering on earth. Juliette found out that the governor who lock her out wasn't in town so his son, Warner, took over for a while. Warner was very interested in Juliette. Not just because of her power but he was also interested for her heart. However, in a short time, Juliette has fallen for Adam and so too for him. Adam and Juliette ran away to Adam's old house after escaping from Warner.Adam has a little brother James who was left all alone in the house. The neighbors was still around but there were specific time for them to come out and times for them to be shut behind their front doors.

Adam, Juliette and James had to run away so that Warner wound not hunt them down. Unexpectedly, they found a group of rebellions. So they joined force going against the government. Juliette then found out that she was not the only one with supernatural powers. They were many like her and for the first time, she felt normal, she felt safe.

Then the war begin, Justice vs Power.

I would say this book has a very solid background and foundation. The story has a nice flow and is really beautifully written. The author knows how to flatter her thoughts to words. The only down side I would say is maybe the character, Juliette. I don't know how to say this but when you read it you will understand. She is sort of childish but I have to give it to her since she was locked out for most of her life.

Rate : 3.5/5

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Book of Tomorrow || Book Review

Hello Beautiful People !

Today's book review is The Book of Tomorrow ! 

This book is an absolute YES ! I love it so much and read it three times ! This book is about a girl named Tamara who's father died and she and her mother moved to a country side with her uncle- Uncle Arthur and his wife, Rosaleen. Arthur was really nice to let them have shelter while dealing with so many bank problems after Tamara's late father.

One day, Tamara got a book/ journal and she decided to write in it but when she got her mind to do so, she found that it book was already written. The weird part was, it was her writing and the date was for tomorrow. So the next day, the actually same thing happen as written in the book. It was like a written life. With the book, she found out many deep secrets and many hidden ones- ones that were lost with time. Rosaleen wasn't as nice as she thought.

Rosaleen and Tamara's mother were childhood friends and Rosaleen was jealous of Tamara's mother so she took this opportunity to take her revenge. Tamara's mother became more and more sick. She would not go out of her house and would not talk to anyone but Rosaleen. There was a castle and a big house near Auther's small house. Tamara found it really curious that only one person lived in the big house and Rosaleen clamed that it was Rosaleen's sick mother. Tamara was not allowed to go in but obviously when someone tells us not to do something, we do it. There was someone living there but Tamara never got to see who it was.

The ending will definitely shock you and it will answer all the whys and confusing questions you had from the beginning. This book reminds me of the TV show, Pretty Little Liar, where you don't know who A is but in this book, you don't know who is in the house nor who is secretly helping Tamara.

Rate : 4.8/5

hugs and kisses