Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Maze Runner Series || Book Review

The Maze Runner Series

Thomas as mysteriously sent to a place that was in a middle of a maze. There were also a group of boys there. They were all surprised to see Thomas. Thomas, who was still dizzy in his mind of confusion, was not comfortable there. He found out that the boys had been there longer then he could ever imagine. They had divided themselves to groups and running the place like a city; cooks, builders, healers and what Thomas fancy most was the runners. The runners are selected to run into the maze when it is open to find any trace or clue of an exit and come back before the door closes. Thomas wanted to be a runner so he became one by proving himself worthy. It wasn't the fact that he didn't want to cook for the other or garden but something in his heart told him that he could find a way out and he knew it in his heart, just forgotten about it.

After a few weeks, a girl was sent to them. It was like having unicorns for your birthday, it doesn't happen, not at all. The boys all got curious but what made them more suspicious is that the girl knew who Thomas was. When she got there, she recognized Thomas immediately. Thomas had no memory of her. The girl too did not know her own name so that was that. A pile of questions. 

The end, they did find a way out but not many made it. It was a bloody ride. But once they were out, Thomas wasn't sure if being out of the maze was a good idea anymore. The world was different. Everything changed. The weather changed dramatically from hours to hours. There were people too, but wither they were sick or going to be sick. There was this disease going on where it gets to the brain of people. when you get this disease, it eats up your brain and you slowly go insane. Its like the walking dead. 

Thomas then got back his memories. SPOILER ALERT Tomas was in a mission for an evil government But he saw the wrong in doing what the government wanted so he created a cure. However the government locked him in the maze and washed his memories. SPOILER ALERT Thomas and the boys went on a mission to find the cure which, figure, is difficult.

I personally like the basic of the story, about getting out of a maze and finding a cure but the downer was that it was too draggy and long. Also it was so scary and its like a race literally. But if you like a good run and also action, I assure you there are a lot, a lot of action.

Rate : 3.3 /5 

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