Friday, 22 August 2014

Skin Care and MakeUp Products || Beauty Bites

Hello Beautiful People!

Back-to-School season is here ! Lots of you are heading to high school and college like myself. With a new start, we want to get our skin care and our make up all fresh and new (clean most importantly after the crazy summer) So as usual when you walk into a drugstore, thinking you will find exactly what you need but ending up having multiple choices and stand there going over the product, comparing each and every one of them to find the right fit. I know because I was one of them. Here are some tips and ticks to find your perfect match!

The first thing before going to a drugstore is to know your skin type. If you don't already know, here are the things you can look into to see which one are you.

Combination Skin Type

A combination skin type can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin).
Combination skin can produce:
  • Overly dilated pores
  • Blackheads
  • Shiny skin

Oily Skin Type

Oily skin can produce:
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dull or shiny, thick complexion
  • Blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes

Dry Skin Type

 Dry skin can produce:
  • Almost invisible pores
  • Dull, rough complexion
  • Red patches
  • Less elasticity
  • More visible lines

Sensitive Skin Type

If your skin is sensitive, try to find out what your triggers are so you can avoid them. You may have sensitive skin for a variety of reasons, but often it's in response to particular skin care products.
Sensitive skin can show up as:
  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Dryness'

Now that is settle. I have a few list of foundation and skin care product that I have done research on for each skin type!

Dry Skin:

Foundation : Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 
Skin Care : Cetaphil

Oily- Combination Skin :

Foundation : CoverGirl 3-in-1 Foundation
BB Cream : Garnier BB Cream
Skin Care : Cleans and Clear

Sensitive skin

Skin Care : Neutrogena, Olay and Simple (depend on your level of sensitivity) 
Make up wise, it is best to see what are your skin sensitive at and find the product that suits you.

I hope this helps. Now you won't waste hours in the drugstore and could use the spare time enjoy the last part of Summer. 
Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Nail Polish that Suits Your Skin Tone || Beauty Bites

Guys I have been obsess with nail polish lately but I notice not all color looks good on me which is such a struggle ! So I went and check online and also ask some professionals' advice. 

Here are the results ! :

Fair Complexions
  • Shades that flatter: 
     Beige, white and silver, light and medium toned purples, soft oranges, reds and berry shades.
  • Shades to avoid: 
     Very dark blue, black, green, dark orange, gold. (they make you nails and fingers big and no one wants        a huge finger.)

Medium/Olive Complexions
  • Shades that flatter: 
       Olive: peach or gold colors. Olive-medium: brown, reddish-browns, gold.
  • Shades that flatter: 
     Vibrant orange, pink and blue, light blue, lilac, silver, metallic and glittery colors.
  • Shades to avoid: 
       Dark purple, red or navy blue. Bronze colors won’t show well against your skin tone. 

Tan Complexions
  • Shades that flatter: 
    Light blues, pinks and purples, tangerine, light brown, copper brown and chocolate.
  • Shades to avoid: 
      Gold and shades of gold (because it will blend in with the tanned skin and lose vibrancy).

Hope this helps some of you out there ! ]
Hugs and kisses.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Thirst Series || Book Review

Thirst Series 

Wow this series is both exciting and adventurous. Just when you thought everything is gonna settle down, something else happens. Its about this vampire who was made centuries ago and she is living her life in the modern days. She is willing to kill and murder to get whatever she wants and for her love ones. She as one fear and one fear only, someone, the one who created her, who changed her to a vampire. After years of hiding she finally got the chance to kill him. And along the way, through ups and downs, she did. And after that something else happen. Her best friend who isn't a vampire but was pregnant. That baby, wow was magical. I don't know how to explain it but its a combination of ancient India myth with a little modern twist. Its actually really actionie and if you like action stuff and vampires then this is 'the' book for you.

Rate : 3.5/5

Friday, 8 August 2014

Movie Friday : Mr Peabody & Sherman


 Mr Peabody & Sherman

It's Friday sooooooo it means movie time ! yayyyyy ! So this movie is absolutely CUTE ! it has adorable spelled all over it ! Its about this dog named  Mr Peabody who is super clever and adopted Sherman. Mr Peabody designed a time travel thing and eventually use it to help Sherman in History which is sooo cool I wish my parents will get me that. Ha . Dream on. Anyways, Sherman had a problem in school because this girl who is bringing trouble and bullying him. So Mr Peabody invited the girl to his house along with her parents. Sherman then introduce the girl to the time machines and things went-not so well. Watch the rest to see what happen !
You could watch it online here ! (I got your back girrl or boy )

Rate : 4/5 
Hugs and kisses

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Mortal Instruments Series || Book Review

Mortal Instruments Series 

This series got me to my toes ! It is so moving and so much is going on. Once you know what is going to happen, something else does. You can never scan through a page without flipping back and rereading it over again because EVERY word counts ! This series is obviously not finished. I have not get my little fingers on The City Of Heavenly Fires yet because believe it or not , it was all SOLD OUT !  This series is about a girl who's father is evil and is trying to destroy both the mortal and the shadowhuntes't world. She is off on a quest to stop her own father and met so so so SO many challenges. It was definitely ebbs on line.

Rate : 4.7/5

The Internal Devices Series || Book Review

The Clockwork Angel Series 

This book is full of dark and good powers. Its about this girl having the abilities to turn into anyone , almost like shape shifting. There are dark forces wanting to get control of her but luckily she have two handsome and protective young guys to look after her. The series is both exciting and also romantic. I am personally shock in the end and was mind-blown. It would not be an ending anyone would ever imagine to happen. And for Magnus fans, he is in this book and is still good looking ! I would say it is connected to The Mortal Instrument Series. So it will all come together perfectly like a puzzle. ;D

Rate :4.8/5

Where Rainbows End || Book Review

Where Rainbows End 

This book is absolutely my favorite ! It is beautifully written and nicely delivered. Its in a form of letter between two kids and as they grew up, they still wrote letters.  It was super sweet and cuddly. This boy and girl went on their separate paths and each found their life but it wasn't what they wanted. After 51 years, they found their true self as in what they want to do with their life. I know that late ? but hey, it's never too late to live a life. If I were to read a single book the rest of my life, it would be this one ! I swear it's that good! 

Rate : 4.8/5

Monday, 4 August 2014

Monday Quote !

I am not gonna lie, this year I have lost so many people and so many love ones who I am very close with. My grandpa passes away , my friends all started off college and gone their separate ways and that made me realize that, we can not and should not take anything for granted. 

We are all on a race called life, while we are working long and hard, we have to and must take the time to stop, pause and look around to the people who love us and support us, who has been there for us no matter what. It's difficult to find someone loyal so when you do, get hold to it cause you may never know when you need a friend or a warm hug. You may never know when you needed someone to look after your back or even just someone to take advice and encouragement from. Also, don't wake up in the morning and plan for tomorrow , plan for TODAY ! Live life at it's presence ! Enjoy and have fun. I know I may be too young to say that but I would say I regretted not having time to myself during high school as I was chasing after good grades and good academic. I wish I had pause, enjoy the moments with my friends, goofing around and have the time of my life. 

hugs and kisses 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Shopping

Today I went on a shopping adventure with my family ! (again) We went to this very fancy restaurant at a mall and it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The restaurant its called Dragon-i

FINALLY, I actually took every dishes that came because I always forget but today, i took my phone out ready to snap! 

Fish Slice with sweet and sour vinegar.

 Spinach Tofu with Mushroom. (GUYSSS ! THIS IS MY FAV DISH ! I know it sound disgusting but ! it was out of the world!)

 Green bean with munch meat.

 Xiao Long Bao.
Basically its a thin rice skin wrap with meat inside and its very nice and you put ginger on top to zing it up!

Clay Pot Chicken with Herbs (This is so good ! I adore the sauce !)

Of course you need some dessert ! It's mango pudding ! 
(Fact of me : I loovvvveeeeeeeeee mango ! I go crazy for them !)

I went on shopping and look what I found ! I am definitely getting it the next time I go. Kind of regret I didn't get it now. #awww

I went in Nichii and found this cool jacket! It was quite expensive and the man working there said there's a sales coming soon so he asked me to wait and I really appreciate it so shout out to him !
 P.S. I have no Idea why my lips are purple, maybe it was the light. but I am not sick, its just the lights !

We also drop by a very fancy hotel/shopping. Everything was so fragile and I did not even dare to touch anything there. It's so fancy and picture perfect. A castle would be a word to describe it as.

This is what I bought, not so much ? well I spent like $150 on everything.

 I am obsessive over these shower gel. It smells sensational ! I loveeeee the passion fruit one. 

My topshop goodies ! :D

Base : shu uemura UV base moose 
Foundation : shu uemura medium light
Eye shadow : Cover girl trio ( they don't have the name on the back but its just some mac hazelnut brown with some champagne silky color )
Eye liner : Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner Black
Mascara : Maybelline The Falsies Black
Blush : Maybelline Pink Mushmellow 
Lip :  Almay  no. 28 (pink-red) + Nivea Lip Balm Pink Guava

Hugs and kisses

Friday, 1 August 2014

Type of Blood can Determine Your Personalities !

Hello Beautiful People !

So today's post will be slightly different. I went for a blood test today and was wondering why and how blood can determine everything so I went online and checked. Guess what I found !? You blood that is running in your veins right now can actually determined your personalities. 

So here are the list by Blood Groups :

Blood Type A

Best Traits: Conservative, introverted, reserved, patient and punctual. Perfectionists.
Worst Traits: Obsessive, stubborn, self conscious and uptight
Blood Type A – Tend to be cooperative, sensitive, clever, passionate and smart. Often bottling up anxiety in order to get along with others, they may hold in their emotions until they explode. Many are tense, impatient and unable to sleep well. While they are capable of leadership positions, they may not take them because the stress is not good for their tightly wired systems

Blood Type B

Best Traits: Creative, passionate, animal loving, optimistic, flexible and individualistic.
Worst Traits: Forgetful, irresponsible, and self-centered.
Blood Type B – Blood type B individuals tend to be balanced: thoughtful like A’s and yet ambitious like O’s. They are empathetic, easily understanding others’ points of view, yet often hesitating to challenge or confront. Chameleon-like and flexible, they make good friends.

Blood Type AB

Best Traits: Cool, controlled, rational, introverted and empathic.
Worst Traits: Aloof, critical, indecisive and unforgiving.
Blood Type AB – Tend to be very charming and popular. They don’t sweat the small stuff and can be seen as spiritual and even at times a bit “flaky”. There is never a dull moment in a AB’s life, so if you find one for a friend, consider yourself lucky! You'll enjoy some exciting times together! Like blood type A’s, AB’s react to stress poorly. They are stronger and more active than type A’s, but need to pay attention to stress levels so that they don’t compromise their immunity.

Blood Type O

Best Traits: Ambitious, athletic, robust and self-confident. Natural leaders.
Worst Traits: Arrogant, vain, insensitive and ruthless.
Blood Type O – Tend to be loners or leaders and are intuitive, focused, self-reliant and daring. They handle stress better than other blood types and have strong immune systems, a well developed physique and a physically active nature. Blood type O’s tend to have sluggish blood flow and feel better with vigorous exercise for about an hour each day.
So what’s your blood type? Do you think it’s true?

Hope you get enough knowledge as I did today ! 
Hugs and kisses