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Deathless & Divided (The Chicago War #1)

Deathless & Divided (The Chicago War #1)

If you liked Bound by Temptation then this book is something similar. It talks about duty and the mafia, about danger and blood, and about love and family.

This book has a surprising connection with Lucian and the New York mafia family which I thought was the cherry on top of the cake because we are already familiar with the world. However, there are a lot more families in this book. It can get a little confusing. The New York family work together but the Chicago families work against each other. It's a new dangerous twist in the story but it was new and fresh to read.

I love the character, Lily and Damian. Lily is freeing, good, and so kind. Damian is dark, quiet, and mysterious. They are both like Yin and Yang. When Lily's brother, Dino, forced Lily to marry Damian because he believed it would be safe for her, Lily flipped. She wanted to be free. However, she cannot say no to her brother. Lily does not know anything about the mafia, she was out of it when her parents were murdered when she was at age 6. But when Dino called for her, she knew she had no way out.

Damian didn't want to marry Lily too. He didn't believe in love, only his work. He didn't believe there was anything out there that he will ever love anymore. Until Lily.

Lily never thought there was going to be a good man who does bad things. Damian never thought there was an innocent girl who would understand and still love his bad. Totally Yin and Yang. His isn't the Boss, he doesn't have all the power, his words may not be the law but their story is just as great.

My casting for Lily and Damian are:


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