Monday, 11 July 2016

Made Man Series #1-3 (Nero, Vincent & Chloe)

Made Man Series #1-3 (Nero, Vincent & Chloe)

I wasn't sure about this book when I first started reading it but it slowly grew on me. This is not you typical high school love story. It's full of dark people, mean people, bullies, and bitches. This series had me hitting the walls. Literally.


This book was both sweet and challenging. It's hard to enter a world that is different from what you are used to but it was really well written. This story is about Elle, a girl who has always been bullied but never let the bullies get to her. She is strong, fierce, and has a fire in her that will not burn out any time soon. When she witnessed a murder, she kept her mouth shut because she knew if she didn't, she will be the next victim. Nero was given his first job and that is to find out what Elle has seen and whether she would tell. When Nero's job became protecting Elle, he will stop at nothing to keep her safe, even from his father, The Boss.


This book was a little harsher and more adult than the first book. It's about Lake, a girl whose parents are divorced. Her father is a gambler addict and her mother married a lunatic who hurts her. Vincent is Lake's best friend brother. They grew up together and knew each other since the day they learn to speak. However, when Vincent saw her again in a sexy black dress, he started his hunt for her. He couldn't get his mind off her and she could not forget how he made her feel. Both are falling for each other but too proud to say it nor admit it. When things broke down for Lake, she ran. She never wanted to be a part of the mafia like her father but she was chained to it because of Vincent.


Everyone has their limit to how much pain they can handle. Chloe lost hers when she was kidnapped and tortured. No one really knows what happened to her. She was too broken to say anything. Her parents are denial and love her less after her face was scared. Her only hope was Elle. Elle protected her but once Nero came into their life, so did Vincent and Amo. Amo: the beast. None of them saw pure fear before until they looked into Chloe's eyes. She was so broken and torn that everyone was walking on thin glass around her. She never told anyone what happened to her. That night that she was scared was also the night her strength was torn away from her. Running away after high school was the only option she had. She was ready to let everything go: to let Elle have a normal life and to let go of Amo. She can't be their burden anymore but when she tried to run, she fell back into hell.

The ending of the third book was a freaking cliffhanger! I swear the author is laughing at all our faces right now for what she did to us at the end. IT'S NO EVEN FUNNY! The torture.....

It was a brilliant series and I can't wait for the next book to come out by the end of this year !

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