Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Ruthless People Series #1-3 (Ruthless People, The Untouchable & American Savages)

Ruthless People Series #1-3 (Ruthless People, The Untouchable & American Savages)

She was a lioness in an angel's body
He was a soft soul in a beast's shell

The first book was amazing.
The second book was killing it.
The third book was a little off.

I felt that the plot was too long and too draggy on the last book. The first and second book were amazing tho. It was worth the wild. It's much more of a thriller, mystery, and action kind of book than a romance adult book.

It's written in all the different character's POV which is nice and very unique. It's not easy to set yourself in so many mindsets so often while perfecting it.

This series is about two mob families coming together through a marriage. Liam is the head of the Irish mob and Melody is the Boss of the Italian mob. Liam has no idea who she is or what she even looks like until the day they sign their marriage contract. Melody has all the information about Liam but never seen in him person, nor she cares to. Their first impression of each other was not the best. Liam saw Melody killed someone. Melody was not the ideal wife Liam wanted. He wanted someone behind the curtains and not handling the business with him. Melody, working her way up to being the Boss of the mob, did not want to let go of the power she deserves after she gets married so written in the contract one of the conditions was that she will be Liam's equal and not below him. Liam had a hard time accepting that but after seeing what Melody can do, it's hard to turn her down without getting himself killed. Despite that, Liam became fond with Melody and when things started to get better, hell broke lose.

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