Tuesday, 5 July 2016

DoomsDay Love

DoomsDay Love

A love story of a boy and a girl at age 10 is always a classic good read. Drake is a troubled kid, he fights, and he is not the nicest people to be around with. Jenny has everything, her parents are wealthy, she lives in a big house, and gets whatever she wants but she has a broken pass and her parents aren't always there for her.

When Jenny stood up for Drake in class, Drake knew she would either ruin his life or be his world. Two of them fell apart after that but faith knocks on the door again in high school and the two rekindle their relationship: this time, to further extent. When things got tough, Drake had to leave and Jenny was heart broken. Since then, she gave love no chances, only a cold shoulder. She became broken, empty, and lost.

Until Vegas when faith knocks on the door for the second time...

This book was written in both Drake's and Jenny's POV and it consists of two parts. It was so romantic. If Nicholas Sparks had not ruined my expectation for boys, this will. The story of Jenny and Drake will give you goosebumps and tears. It's brilliant and an amazing read.

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