Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Breathless & Bloodstained (The Chicago War #4)

Breathless & Bloodstained (The Chicago War #4)

Tommas wanted one thing in life, to be the Boss. He wanted it so badly that he name enemies, allies, and would kill his own parents to get there. He wasn't brutal, he was just a made man.

Abriella is stubborn, so, so, so stubborn, thoughtful, and a rebel. She was heartbroken when Eve got engaged to her boyfriend Tommas. Of course, no one knew Tommas and Abriella were together. They play their part too well for anyone to suspect anything.

Tommas tried to play the game well but Abrielle's brother (also Alessa's brother), Joey, tried to kill him, Tommas no longer play by the rules. He would do anything to get there. Being the Boss will give him power, power that he can use to protect Abielle. Joey loves to play big but he knows he did not have many allies, at least not many powerful ones. The New York mafia (Lucian, Dante, and Gio) were on Tommas' side. He knew he would lose so he decided that he would either kill Tommas or kill someone he cannot live without, Abrielle.

The end of the series wrapped everything up as a whole, closing the story of the Chicago la familia.

My casting for Abriella and Tommas are:


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