Thursday, 21 July 2016

How to Start Reading More

How to Start Reading More

So over the summer I have read over 50 books in total. Yes. Fifty. It's crazy because I started to read 2 books a day. I don't know what is normal anymore. I might do a summer wrap up of all the books I've read but here are some tips for you to start reading more.

1. Find time

A lot of people tell me that they don't have time to read but really, if you make time to read then it's possible. Start with just one hour a day but who are we kidding, if the book is your type then you can be easily sucked into it. Time flies, darling. One hour becomes five hours and one chapter becomes one more book.

2. Get Ebooks.

I used to say to myself that I don't like ebooks and will never read on them. Boy, I was wrong. I find ebook so much more convenient and I also read faster with them (don't ask why cause I'm still trying to solve that mystery) Ebooks are easy to get and cheaper as well. You can read them on many devices which are a plus for me.

Here are some websites that provides free ebooks. I often get my books there if I don't purchase them on Amazon myself :

4. (More adult books)

These websites are ones that I find easy to download without logins or additional software. They are also safe but I do recommend you to scan your computer or laptop every once a while after you download because better safe than sorry.

3. Find a reading buddy

I have a reading buddy and it is so nice to finish a book and to be able to talk to someone about it. It makes reading and starting a new book more interesting, knowing that someone else will suffer the same feelings you feel after the book. (Yes, I'm cruel for dragging my friends through hell with me) I also find having a book buddy helpful because you get to talk about the book and relive it in other people's POV: how they see it, who are the characters they imagine playing, what scenery or setting they have in their minds when they read. It's a whole new adventure and it's like living the story again but in a different way.

4. Goodreads

Goodreads helped me find books that fits in my genre. It also has ratings and reviews which are helpful. There's a 2016 challenge as well where you challenge yourself to how many books you want to complete in 2016. It pushes me to want to read more, Not only that, Goodreads also recommends me books that I would love after I entered what books I have read and enjoyed. I found many of my top favorite book there and made amazing friends as well.There are often giveaways and book clubs which is amazing.

5. Get comfortable and don't be ashamed

Get your favorite blanket, you soft pillow, and a cup of tea. Get comfortable and get lost in the book ! If your friends are reading YA books, don't be ashamed to love Romance, Thriller, or even Adult books. Everyone's genre is different. Don't expect your taste to be the same. How boring if we have to stick to one category or one genre? Explore. If Mystery is not your thing, move on to something else. There is always something for someone.

hugs and kisses

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