Sunday, 21 August 2016



I had such a great time reading this summer and really want to share some of my favorite books with all of you. I will be giving away some of my favorite books to three lucky winners.

There are three categories: YA books, New Adult, and Adult Romance

1. No limits. You can enter one category or all of them.
2. Follow me on Instagram (@everlynkee)
3. Comment below what is your favorite book quote
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Giveaway ends: September 3, 2016

YA book category

Dreamlogy- Lucy Keating
A Court of Thorns and Roses  - Sarah J. Mass
A Court of Mist and Fury  - Sarah J. Mass
The Start of Me and You  - Emery Lord

New Adult category

 Ugly Love - Colleen Hoover
Hopeless - Colleen Hoover
It Ends with Us - Colleen Hoover
See Me  - Nicholas Sparks

Adult Romance category

The whole Royals Saga series - Gevena Lee

Saturday, 20 August 2016



This summer, I spent most of my time with friends and family: going to the beach, talk silly till late night, explore childhood memories, and eat exotic foods.

One thing that always brought great laugh and good time is playing games.

It builds understanding, teamwork, and spark creativity. It always leave us laughing on the floor and shedding happy tears.

This game was fun. It's funny and it's different.

There are some pretty funny jokes in this game and it's creative. It makes you create sentences with given words and the results are always funny.

Oh boy, where our mind wonder when we are given limited time to think.

hugs and kisses

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Opportunist (Love Me with Lies #1)

The Opportunist (Love Me with Lies #1)

My heart is broken too badly to even...




This book ruined me.

The mystery behind why Olivia will not love goes on throughout the book. Her love for Caleb was obvious to everyone but herself. She tried to deny it. She tried to hide it. But once she was ready to love, she lost it.

Olivia had a rough past with her father which made her lost hope for love. Love makes you vulnerable to hurt. Caleb loves fiercely and strongly but he has a hard time forgiving Olivia for leaving him. He was ready to give her everything but she was too selfish to see it. She was selfish because she was not willing to risk loving for Caleb when he was willing to move the moon for her.

Caleb lost his memories after an accident. Olivia spots him on the street one day after so many years since they broke up and thought it was her second chance. But what will happen if Caleb remembers again? He will hate her and even more that she lied to him the second time. Can she bear the hurt then?

My casting:

description  description

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Where the Sun Hides + Where the Snow Falls (Seasons of Betrayal #1+2)


Where the Sun Hides + Where the Snow Falls (Seasons of Betrayal #1+2)

I am familiar with Bethany-Kris writing and have read many of her books. It's the first time I read London Miller's book and I'm pretty impressed. Both of them have similarities in their writing style. However, I think Kris uses more dialog or more interaction while Miller uses more description.

Violet is an Italian principessa della mafia and Kaz, a Russian Bratva heir.

They were not meant to be together but who was to set rules for love?

Violet was willing to lose everything for him. Kaz was willing to die for her.

Both their fathers do not approve.

In order to be together, they have to remove the one obstacle that is preventing them from doing so. Their fathers.

How can they play this game with the ones who has been playing them for decades?

My Casting:

description description

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Mid-Year Book Wrap-Up

Mid-Year Book Wrap-Up

Here are all the books I've read in 2016 so far. I have some/most of the reviews on my blog so if you are interested, I have the links below.  

Command Me  .  Conquer Me  .  Crown Me  .  

Obsidian   .   Onyx  .  Opal  .  Ugly Love  .  Hopeless  .  It Ends with Us 

See Me  .  Broken  .  Shattered  . Mended  .  Honor  .  Escape 

Where the Sun Hides + Where the Snow Fall (Review Coming Soon)

Tell me what you have read or what your current read is ! 

hugs and kisses

Monday, 15 August 2016

VEGAN Korean Japchae


VEGAN Korean Japchae


1 pack of sweet potato noodles (glass noodles)
Tamari sauce
Sesame oil
Sesame seed (optional)
Korean spicy paste (Optional)


1. Saute Onion with tamari sauce
2. Saute spinach with chopped garlic
3. Saute mushroom with tamari sauce
4. Saute carrot
5. Boil noodles in hot water. Once done, drain it and put on a plate. Add some sesame oil to the noodles. This will allow the noodles to not stick together.
6. Add the rest of the ingredient on the side.
7. Sprinkle sesame seeds and top it with some Korean spicy paste. (optional)

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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Waking Olivia

Waking Olivia

This book.

So many emotions.

So many heartbreaks.


Olivia had a very very rough past but she doesn't even remember it herself. It was a dark place for her. She lives alone for years, hiding from the man in her past that hurt her. 

After an incident at UT where she nearly beat a guy to death, she got a scholarship at another campus. Olivia is the best runner. When she runs, she makes others look like they are walking in slow motion. 

Will is Olivia's coach but he thinks she is trouble. He did everything he can to make Olivia work harder and to prove to him that she was good; when in fact, he was trying to push her to prove to himself that she was good.

Will finds Olivia's feet bleeding one day and asked her what happened. Her answers shock Will to the bone. He could not stop thinking about her. Olivia appears to be strong and independent but when she was with him, she opens up just enough to make Will wants to know more and wants to protect her. She trusts Will somehow and told him what was going wrong. 

When Will found out what Olivia is going through, he stops at nothing to help her. Falling in love with her was not on the list, though. He could lose his job. He could shame her name. But love was unpreventable. 

My casting:

description description

hugs and kisses

Monday, 8 August 2016

It Ends With Us- Collen Hoover

It Ends With Us- Collen Hoover

My emotions are so raw right now.

This book..

Collen Hoover has a way to get my feelings and screw them in the nicest torturous way ever.

I love this book.

Lily graduated with a business major and started her own shop in Boston. She has a rough past; her father was abusive to her mother and her mother let him but what was worst was she never did anything to stop him. When she was 15, she met a guy, Atlas. He was homeless; kicked out of his mother's house cause his stepdad didn't like him. Lily saw him and helped him. She got him through his toughest time. When Atlas left to his uncle's place and to the military, their relationship stopped there or it just paused.

Moving on from her past, she found a place in Boston and was ready to start a new chapter in her life and she met Ryle. Ryle is a neurosurgeon. He never gets into relationships because he saw them as a burden until he met Lily. Lily made relationship a gift. He fell for her immediately and she did too.

But Atlas showed up. Everything was broken but it was at the broken places that they found each other again.

I love the story. I feel like I'm tip toeing along the edges of a cliff. Atlas is my dream. He is so kind, so sweet, and so true to himself. I will be happy to lay my life on him, knowing he will protect it because he is just that good. Lily is so strong as a person. If I were her, I might die a thousand times in the book but she survived. I just love the characters in this book and I feel so much for them. Maybe a little too much.

My casting:




hugs and kisses

Sunday, 7 August 2016

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1)

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1)

What even ?

How can it just end like...

No Fxxkin' way!


I am made with mix emotions right now.

I need a breather.



Layla is half demon and half gargoyle. She lives with goblins all her life and denies the demon part of her. Who can blame her when the gargoyle are enemies with the demons? They taught her to shut the demon side of her and to hate it. She grew up thinking she was their family but deep down, she knew she could never be like them. She hated herself for that until Roth came along. Roth is a demon but he came to protect her. The thing is, when Layla turn 17, she can be used to summon the deadliest war that will shed blood on Earth and in Hell. Things will turn bad. Roth tries to protect her and to save her but she doesn't trust him. He is a demon after all.

Despite not trusting Roth, Layla didn't tell Zayne, Layla best friend, the only gargoyle that ever saw her as equal, and her crush. Secrets and lies slowly unravel itself and Layla struggles to know what is white and what is black, what is evil and what is good. Soon, she found out that there's no evil or good; just people who are willing to fight for you and people who are willing to go to the end of the Hell to kill you. Even angels kiss and even devils fall in love.

“I lost myself the moment I found you.” - Roth 

This book.


No words.

The ending! I still cannot !

My casting:

Layla -


Roth -

hugs and kisses

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Escape (Blackstone #2)

Escape (Blackstone #2)

This book was a little darker, dangerous, and forbidden. It feels like I was tip toeing along the edges of a cliff. Guys, it's dangerous and heartbreaking but falling off that cliff was worth it.

I always wanted to read Keith's story since I read the Broken trilogy and boyyyy I was so excited to find out there was one for Keith. It's brilliant. I like the story line and I LOVE Keith. I love how he loves endlessly, fearlessly, and madly. It's all or nothing for him. He waited for a girl for 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS !

Keith is someone you don't want to mess with in Blackstone but in his teenager stage, he was the popular, an athlete , and hot guy. He was THAT guy every girl fall for. He wasn't a jerk or an asshole. He was gentle and kind. Yep, reality needs to catch up. When he lost his love, Lexi, he closed up and kept his personal life personal.

Lexi, innocent and carefree, was broken and felt lost when Keith left for the Army. Soon after he left, her parents were murdered. Left to deal with everything by herself, she begged Keith to come back but he couldn't Her brother, her only hope, bailed at her. She never felt so lost and so worthless. She build her walls up and set her goal. She was going after something that would kill her but she didn't care because death actually sound peaceful to her. Living was harder and painful. She was doing this for her parents.

After 10 years, Keith came back to visit and found Lexi in the worst situation. He could not bare to leave her again. She was bruised and was mixed with a gang of dangerous people.

The two fought and rekindle but nothing can fix a shattered heart. Lexi was too torn to be fixed.

The ending left me....

Yes, just like that.

My casting:


hugs and kisses