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Settling the Score (The Summer Games #1) by R.S. Grey

Settling the Score (The Summer Games #1)

Settling the Score is about a US female soccer player, Andie Foster who is both young and wild but works hard to be an Olympian. She is the best player on her team. Going to her first ever Olympic game, she expects to win gold, not hearts. When she meets the famous royal British swimmer, Frederick Archibald, things went from simple to very complicated. She is falling head over heels for this guy but then she finds out that he has a betrothed to a girl back in London. Her heart is shattered. She is falling for someone who is off limits. What is worst is if the public knew, she would be the Olympic whore. Her reputation would be ruin, her dream would be shattered, and her heart would be devastated. Andie has to choose between her mind and her heart.

This book feels so much like the Royals Sage by Genera Lee. Freddie is British and so is Alexander. Both of them are royals. Clare and Andie are both from the states and both have something to fight for. Also, I think their personality quite similar.

I love how the book is so present. Olympic at Rio is coming soon and it just gives us the feel to it. I also love how independent and mature two charterers are, individually. I love how Andie can set her mind away from Freddie when she is playing on the field. I love how she came to her senses and accepted the reality when she found out they can never be together. I love how she was so aware of herself, not letting him touch her because she knew it would not end well if they did. I love her determination, her courage, and her sportsmanship; on the field and in love. I love how she never gives up.

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