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Escape (Blackstone #2)

Escape (Blackstone #2)

This book was a little darker, dangerous, and forbidden. It feels like I was tip toeing along the edges of a cliff. Guys, it's dangerous and heartbreaking but falling off that cliff was worth it.

I always wanted to read Keith's story since I read the Broken trilogy and boyyyy I was so excited to find out there was one for Keith. It's brilliant. I like the story line and I LOVE Keith. I love how he loves endlessly, fearlessly, and madly. It's all or nothing for him. He waited for a girl for 11 years. ELEVEN YEARS !

Keith is someone you don't want to mess with in Blackstone but in his teenager stage, he was the popular, an athlete , and hot guy. He was THAT guy every girl fall for. He wasn't a jerk or an asshole. He was gentle and kind. Yep, reality needs to catch up. When he lost his love, Lexi, he closed up and kept his personal life personal.

Lexi, innocent and carefree, was broken and felt lost when Keith left for the Army. Soon after he left, her parents were murdered. Left to deal with everything by herself, she begged Keith to come back but he couldn't Her brother, her only hope, bailed at her. She never felt so lost and so worthless. She build her walls up and set her goal. She was going after something that would kill her but she didn't care because death actually sound peaceful to her. Living was harder and painful. She was doing this for her parents.

After 10 years, Keith came back to visit and found Lexi in the worst situation. He could not bare to leave her again. She was bruised and was mixed with a gang of dangerous people.

The two fought and rekindle but nothing can fix a shattered heart. Lexi was too torn to be fixed.

The ending left me....

Yes, just like that.

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