Thursday, 11 August 2016

Waking Olivia

Waking Olivia

This book.

So many emotions.

So many heartbreaks.


Olivia had a very very rough past but she doesn't even remember it herself. It was a dark place for her. She lives alone for years, hiding from the man in her past that hurt her. 

After an incident at UT where she nearly beat a guy to death, she got a scholarship at another campus. Olivia is the best runner. When she runs, she makes others look like they are walking in slow motion. 

Will is Olivia's coach but he thinks she is trouble. He did everything he can to make Olivia work harder and to prove to him that she was good; when in fact, he was trying to push her to prove to himself that she was good.

Will finds Olivia's feet bleeding one day and asked her what happened. Her answers shock Will to the bone. He could not stop thinking about her. Olivia appears to be strong and independent but when she was with him, she opens up just enough to make Will wants to know more and wants to protect her. She trusts Will somehow and told him what was going wrong. 

When Will found out what Olivia is going through, he stops at nothing to help her. Falling in love with her was not on the list, though. He could lose his job. He could shame her name. But love was unpreventable. 

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