Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Shattered (Broken Trilogy #2)

Shattered (Broken Trilogy #2)

I cannot even...

After a miscarriage and losing Cole, Savannah didn't know how she could live anymore. She didn't know if she could even continue her life. Cole was dead and she lost her baby- their baby- the last piece of Cole that she have. Everything was shattered to pieces and she had no way to piece them back together until she found her love again.

This was short, sweet, and exciting all in one. There're so much danger and adventure in this small read. So much heart breaks and secrets. I like how everything is fast and straight forward. I had enough of twists and turns from other novels that it's wearing me out so this was the cherry on the cake for me. It's an easy read but boy, my feelings were everywhere. This book brings my feels to a whole new level of heart ache. The ending was a heart breaker. It is so ASDFGHJKL.

No words.

My cast for Cole and his group:


hugs and kisses

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