Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Broken (Broken Trilogy #1)

Broken (Broken Trilogy #1)


I am so undone.

What even ?

I cannot.

Savannah Miller was kidnapped for months. She was beaten, tortured, and starved till she swears she could never see light again until the USA Special Force came for her. They took her away from hell and kept her in a safe place. For days she did not speak a word. She almost lost herself in the prison. Nowhere is safe for her anymore. She didn't know how safe even feels like. Cole, the captain of the team- the boss, helps her, guides her, and protects her. She only feels safe when he is there. He only feels ease when he knows she is protected. Both of them were falling or has already fallen for each other but Savannah's kidnappers were bigger and more dangerous than they thought. The American was involved. The American never lose his game and always got what he wants. Now that they know The American wants Savannah, everyone is in jeopardy. Savannah was not willing to let anyone die for her but Cole was not willing to let the love of his life go. Whenever Cole heads out to a battle, he promises Savannah to come back but will he this time?

This book is brilliant ! All my feels.....

Savannah is so smart, innocent, quick, funny, and selfless. Cole is EVERYTHING!

I cannot believe the story just ended with a cliff hanger ! what the hell ? It's so not cool.

My casting:


hugs and kisses

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