Monday, 8 August 2016

It Ends With Us- Collen Hoover

It Ends With Us- Collen Hoover

My emotions are so raw right now.

This book..

Collen Hoover has a way to get my feelings and screw them in the nicest torturous way ever.

I love this book.

Lily graduated with a business major and started her own shop in Boston. She has a rough past; her father was abusive to her mother and her mother let him but what was worst was she never did anything to stop him. When she was 15, she met a guy, Atlas. He was homeless; kicked out of his mother's house cause his stepdad didn't like him. Lily saw him and helped him. She got him through his toughest time. When Atlas left to his uncle's place and to the military, their relationship stopped there or it just paused.

Moving on from her past, she found a place in Boston and was ready to start a new chapter in her life and she met Ryle. Ryle is a neurosurgeon. He never gets into relationships because he saw them as a burden until he met Lily. Lily made relationship a gift. He fell for her immediately and she did too.

But Atlas showed up. Everything was broken but it was at the broken places that they found each other again.

I love the story. I feel like I'm tip toeing along the edges of a cliff. Atlas is my dream. He is so kind, so sweet, and so true to himself. I will be happy to lay my life on him, knowing he will protect it because he is just that good. Lily is so strong as a person. If I were her, I might die a thousand times in the book but she survived. I just love the characters in this book and I feel so much for them. Maybe a little too much.

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