Friday, 5 August 2016

Honor (Blackstone #1)

Honor (Blackstone #1)

This story feels very mature but also have the feel of high school crush. It's amazing. Mark is so funny, out there, but romantic. Mia is thoughtful, strong, and kind. It's hard not to love her.

Mark is shot badly in a battle and Mia is one of the nurses working in the hospital that all Blackstone soldiers go to when they are injured. Only Molly knows about the Blackstone and what they do but Mia has a clue. Mark didn't ask but he grows fond of her when he had to stay at the hospital. After he is released from the hospital and goes back to his job, he never stops thinking of Mia. He makes excuses to come back to the hospital to see her and even broke his buddy, Paul's, arm to go to the hospital. It was sweet and it will take you back to high school romance. However, Mia has a secret that no one knows. Mark has a past that he was not willing to tell. The two has to trust each other in order for things to work. Will they tell the truth or will they continue to lie because the truth is too ugly? When Mark's past starts to creep itself back into his life, he has to deal with it first but it was too late. His past caught up and hurt Mia. Mia's secret was reveal in the most unpleasant way, leaving Mark broken and unable to trust Mia again. They two fell apart. Stubborn as they are, who's gonna be the first one to mend things back together?

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