Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Where the Sun Hides + Where the Snow Falls (Seasons of Betrayal #1+2)


Where the Sun Hides + Where the Snow Falls (Seasons of Betrayal #1+2)

I am familiar with Bethany-Kris writing and have read many of her books. It's the first time I read London Miller's book and I'm pretty impressed. Both of them have similarities in their writing style. However, I think Kris uses more dialog or more interaction while Miller uses more description.

Violet is an Italian principessa della mafia and Kaz, a Russian Bratva heir.

They were not meant to be together but who was to set rules for love?

Violet was willing to lose everything for him. Kaz was willing to die for her.

Both their fathers do not approve.

In order to be together, they have to remove the one obstacle that is preventing them from doing so. Their fathers.

How can they play this game with the ones who has been playing them for decades?

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