Thursday, 4 August 2016

Mended (Broken Trilogy #3)

Mended (Broken Trilogy #3)

This my probably be the best grown up, realistic, sexy version of a fairy tale. I love it. The ending was so sweet and it made me believe fairy tales and happy every after again. The road might be bumpy guys, but the end will be worth it.

Savannah and Cole's love story continues in the third and last book of the trilogy. Cole has a very interesting character. He is dominant but respectful. Savannah is stubborn but clever. I think they make the best couple.

When Savannah moved out of the safe house, she wanted to find herself again, to know what it feels like to be alive. She cannot be locked up in the mountains juts because it was safe. She wants to take risks. She got a job at Zack's, made friends, and lived in her small, comfy apartment. Everything was great but she wasn't. She miss Cole but Cole broke up with her when she said she wanted to move out. She was broken and lost but she refused to give up on the hopes of finding herself again. She didn't want to be the poor girl they rescue or the daughter betrayed by her father and her best friend. She wants to find out who she was apart from all that. It's hard to find who you are when the other part of you aren't with you. Soon, she found out that the only best way to find who she is, is to be with the one who makes her who she is- better, happy, and whole.

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