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Scarless & Sacred (The Chicago War #3)

Scarless & Sacred (The Chicago War #3)

Evelina Conti is the princess. Theo DeLuca was the trouble maker. Both of them had feelings since they were 18 but nothing happened between them. Eve was holding her tiara too high and Theo was playing his game too often. They were going to be bad for each other. They are bad for one another.

After Alessa's brother failed to marry off Alessa, he tried to find other ways to get himself to the top and that is by marriage. Eva was forced to marry either her best friend's boyfriend or Alessa's brother. Either of them was what she wanted. She wanted something she thought she would never need: Theo.

Theo, seeking revenge for his dead brother, needed information, information that Eve can give but he would not use her. He won't. When people from above tried to kill Theo, he had to find out who and how he could stay alive whiles getting what he wants; Eve.

When Riley, Eve's father, decided to marry Eve to her best friend's boyfriend, Tommas, she had no way out but to play the game because everyone else was playing too. To win it, you have to play it. Tommas promised that it was only the idea of the marriage that they will have to fake. He would find a way to break the deal without opening the doors to hell.

The Chicago war is deadly. The ending was heartbreaking and a cliff hanger. Love won, always, but not really.

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