Monday, 4 August 2014

Monday Quote !

I am not gonna lie, this year I have lost so many people and so many love ones who I am very close with. My grandpa passes away , my friends all started off college and gone their separate ways and that made me realize that, we can not and should not take anything for granted. 

We are all on a race called life, while we are working long and hard, we have to and must take the time to stop, pause and look around to the people who love us and support us, who has been there for us no matter what. It's difficult to find someone loyal so when you do, get hold to it cause you may never know when you need a friend or a warm hug. You may never know when you needed someone to look after your back or even just someone to take advice and encouragement from. Also, don't wake up in the morning and plan for tomorrow , plan for TODAY ! Live life at it's presence ! Enjoy and have fun. I know I may be too young to say that but I would say I regretted not having time to myself during high school as I was chasing after good grades and good academic. I wish I had pause, enjoy the moments with my friends, goofing around and have the time of my life. 

hugs and kisses 

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