Friday, 8 August 2014

Movie Friday : Mr Peabody & Sherman


 Mr Peabody & Sherman

It's Friday sooooooo it means movie time ! yayyyyy ! So this movie is absolutely CUTE ! it has adorable spelled all over it ! Its about this dog named  Mr Peabody who is super clever and adopted Sherman. Mr Peabody designed a time travel thing and eventually use it to help Sherman in History which is sooo cool I wish my parents will get me that. Ha . Dream on. Anyways, Sherman had a problem in school because this girl who is bringing trouble and bullying him. So Mr Peabody invited the girl to his house along with her parents. Sherman then introduce the girl to the time machines and things went-not so well. Watch the rest to see what happen !
You could watch it online here ! (I got your back girrl or boy )

Rate : 4/5 
Hugs and kisses

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