Wednesday, 29 October 2014

If I Stay || Book Review

If I Stay

This book, I took along with me on the plane and travel. I have no regrets. This book is so beautifully written. It not only tells a story of a girl but also delivered a deep meaningful message to all readers. We should appreciate what we have before its gone cause you never know when faith turns its back on you and you never know when things will slowly slip away from your own palm. But what the author really wants to say is that you always have a choice, a say in life and that even tho there are accident, even tho there are false, there's always hope in life and light do shine their way in if only you let them in. People tend to give up when things get messy and hard to handle but this book taught me that when things get tough, you get stronger. 

Mia in this story was an ordinary girl who lives with her parents and a little brother, Teddy. One day she and her family were going out and there was an accident. From there, Mia lost all of them. She watch as they carry her love ones' body away. What surprise her most was that she was still alive, in spirit. And in her spirit she has all the flash backs of the old times. Adam, Mia's boyfriend was there for her all the time and so was her best friend Kim. They know it will be hard for her to face her lost if she wakes up but at the same time they were not ready to lose her too. Mia's grandparents weren't selfish enough to hold her back. Mia was given a choice to erase  her pain and rest in peace or she could stay and face the pain of her lost. The pain of grief are not easy to pass by. It may not seem real at first when when it does, the pain eats up the heart and soul in you one by one.

In the end, Mia chose her path. She wasn't sure if the path she chosen was right or wrong. But one thing she was sure of is that, right now, Adam, Kim and her grandparents needed her, as much as she needed them.

Rate :4.8/5

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