Friday, 17 October 2014

The Book of Tomorrow || Book Review

Hello Beautiful People !

Today's book review is The Book of Tomorrow ! 

This book is an absolute YES ! I love it so much and read it three times ! This book is about a girl named Tamara who's father died and she and her mother moved to a country side with her uncle- Uncle Arthur and his wife, Rosaleen. Arthur was really nice to let them have shelter while dealing with so many bank problems after Tamara's late father.

One day, Tamara got a book/ journal and she decided to write in it but when she got her mind to do so, she found that it book was already written. The weird part was, it was her writing and the date was for tomorrow. So the next day, the actually same thing happen as written in the book. It was like a written life. With the book, she found out many deep secrets and many hidden ones- ones that were lost with time. Rosaleen wasn't as nice as she thought.

Rosaleen and Tamara's mother were childhood friends and Rosaleen was jealous of Tamara's mother so she took this opportunity to take her revenge. Tamara's mother became more and more sick. She would not go out of her house and would not talk to anyone but Rosaleen. There was a castle and a big house near Auther's small house. Tamara found it really curious that only one person lived in the big house and Rosaleen clamed that it was Rosaleen's sick mother. Tamara was not allowed to go in but obviously when someone tells us not to do something, we do it. There was someone living there but Tamara never got to see who it was.

The ending will definitely shock you and it will answer all the whys and confusing questions you had from the beginning. This book reminds me of the TV show, Pretty Little Liar, where you don't know who A is but in this book, you don't know who is in the house nor who is secretly helping Tamara.

Rate : 4.8/5

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