Sunday, 26 October 2014

Pei Wei & Food Shopping Vlog

Hello Everybody !

I have been so busy lately with college and moving stuff so I have not have the time to write any blog post but.- but I did take my camera along with me and amde it into a small little vlog/video where you follow me around. This vlog is mainly food (cause who doesn't like food?) and because we ran out of grocery that day so it was a food day aka fav day. hahah
NOTE : I do eat healthy most of the times, but its good to treat yourself once a while and I haven't had a treat for 5 months (literally). It's okay sometimes to let your taste bugs swim in a sea of indulgences because that is healthy. Eating healthy 24/7 can make you go insane and even cause tension when your meal plans goes a little out of order; believe me I know cause I have been there. So remember to treat yourself and have a lovely day peeps.

hugs and kisses

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