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Shatter Me Book Series || Book Review

Shatter Me Book Series

This series is about a girl, Juliette, who can make people feel pain or even kill someone with her touch. She was then locked away for ages and I MEAN AGES. she hasn't touch anyone since. Then one day someone was sent to stay in her cell. She was nervous., She hasn't interact with anyone since she was first put away. His name was Adam. Adam on the other hand was immune to her touched. so after spending some time with Juliette. Adam was able to unlock the closed heart of Juliette that was fragile and afraid of herself.

One fine day, (not really) Adam and Juliette got out of the cell and found their way out. But the world was not the same as Juliette thought. It was cold and dark. It was like every life on Earth was suck out , leaving a empty shadow wondering on earth. Juliette found out that the governor who lock her out wasn't in town so his son, Warner, took over for a while. Warner was very interested in Juliette. Not just because of her power but he was also interested for her heart. However, in a short time, Juliette has fallen for Adam and so too for him. Adam and Juliette ran away to Adam's old house after escaping from Warner.Adam has a little brother James who was left all alone in the house. The neighbors was still around but there were specific time for them to come out and times for them to be shut behind their front doors.

Adam, Juliette and James had to run away so that Warner wound not hunt them down. Unexpectedly, they found a group of rebellions. So they joined force going against the government. Juliette then found out that she was not the only one with supernatural powers. They were many like her and for the first time, she felt normal, she felt safe.

Then the war begin, Justice vs Power.

I would say this book has a very solid background and foundation. The story has a nice flow and is really beautifully written. The author knows how to flatter her thoughts to words. The only down side I would say is maybe the character, Juliette. I don't know how to say this but when you read it you will understand. She is sort of childish but I have to give it to her since she was locked out for most of her life.

Rate : 3.5/5

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