Monday, 9 May 2016

The Court of Mist and Fury

The Court of Mist and Fury

My heart breaks so many times in this book. The emotional roller coaster is real. Feyre died in the first book but came back to life as a High Fae. You might think Feyre will be with the beast but the beast turns out to be blinded by love. Tamlin locked Feyre in her castle because he believes it was dangerous for her, and it was. But Feyre was not going to let anyone lock her out, she wants to help, she wants to save the people, and after all she has done and gone through, she wants to matter. She escaped with the help of Rhys. The were enemies once but grew fonder together. Feyre got to know a side of him that no one knew.

I wanted Feyre to be with Tamlin so badly but after spending time with Rhys, I fell in love with him myself. Every part of me knows Tamlin is the right one and in beauty and the beast, Feyre and Tamlin are meant together. But there is something about Rhys, he is willing to do anything for Feyre but also respect her as a person. He and Feyre have little fights all the time but it's hilarious. He is utterly romantic and knows how to make a girl grin in her sleep.

The ending of the story had me in awe. I still could not wrap my head about what has happen. The second book was a trap and the third book will be a murder to all your feels.

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