Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Ace: A Secret Baby Sports Romance

Ace: A Secret Baby Sports Romance

Scarlet and Ace was high school lovers. Scarlet was going to a music school for college and Ace was going to be a famous athlete. When Scarlet discovered she was pregnant, she left Ace and shuts him off for four years. When he came back to town, feelings reignited and their love was rekindled but when Ace found out that Scarlet had a daughter, most importantly, his daughter, things went down.

Yes, its a very fast read and the pace was fast but Scarlet and Ace have had a past so it's understandable. The author makes sure not to leave out the feelings they have for each other even after all these years. If you are looking for a quick read, this is perfect.

This book made my stomach turned like the feeling you get when your emotions are so raw and it sinks to the bottom of your stomach. My heart tightened when Scarlet and Ace was fighting. It was too much in such short time but their love was so strong and had me in awe.

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