Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Shadowhunter Season 2

Thoughts on Shadowhunter Season 2 on Freeform

I think this season will be far better than the fist one and I hope it is becasue the Shadowhunter world is amazing and I would love to see it unfold.

I think Kat is becoming Clare every moment. I think the first season, she was more detached and didn't understand the character Clare enough but in this first episode of season two, I saw how natural it was for her to be Clare, as if she understood Clare enough that she has become Clare. Jace was still a little off to be honest and I can't get over Simon's humor. He is my buddy. Would love to see more Simon and Izzy romance. Malec was okay-ish. I won't saw I can't feel the chemistry, I can, but it feels a little weird. The scrip writer should pay more attention to how natural the lines sound instead of how nice it would sound because the lines are amazing and touching when read but when the actors said it , it sound't as if they are reading off of a poetry book.

If you have not watch or read about the shadowhunter, then grab your sword and jump into the portal because this is a world is a ride.

hugs and kisses

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