Sunday, 1 January 2017

Wake Up to the Joy

Wake Up to the Joy 

"You are real."

It takes a lifetime to discover who you are and be happy within yourself.

This book has definitely opened my mind to everything. I begin to see things from a further perspective and looking at things in a bigger picture. This book also teaches us how we can meditate. I have been following meditation videos online but never really accomplish it because my mind in constantly consumed by thoughts. This book addressed how we can meditate anywhere and meditation is not about doing it right but feeling right. When you feel at peace with your soul, you are meditating. This book is amazing and it came right in time for 2017. This year, don't wish for fame, wealth, or beauty. Don't wish for big cars or houses. Wish for more love and less hate, for hunger to stop, and for a better you.

The most difficult battle is not ones between men but between our mind and our soul. Your body is not the battlefield for the war in your head. When you free your mind, you will find the joy of being you.

hugs and kisses

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