Thursday, 3 September 2015



Hey guys !

Since last week, I have been starting this challenge for myself. It's not like a fitness challenge, or a healthy challenge or anything like that but rather every in one. I know this sounds a little confusing but wait, let me explain. I've noticed that we, humans, tend to give our self excuses a lot. Like, if I was talking really loud, people will think I am rude and moody but I will make up an excused saying I was stress or afraid you could not hear me clearly. Or if I failed to accomplish something, I would give an excuse saying it was because my laptop broke, or I didn't have enough time. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Not just that, have you ever said something you don't mean to or done something you regret? I definitely have. Also, I have lived through days where I've eaten crappy and unhealthy. I have days where I am the most inactive and unproductive person on the planet.

Its not everyday tho but I would like to improve that. Not all at once, but one step at a time. We are all human and we have have flaws but who says we cant be better?

So this challenge to for yourself. Set your own rules. Things you want to improve in the next 100 days. Don't wait for Monday or Sunday or the first day of the month. Start now. Start today.

Let me share with you my 100 Day Rule so you can get the idea how this works :

1. eat healthier.
2. stay positive.
3. Attitude check. Don't get angry at everything or too quickly, (yes, I am grumpy sometimes.)
4. Read more frequent
5.Be less clumsy. (If you know me, no matter how big of a space I got to walk, I still find myself bumping into stuff)
6. Be active and have at least one rest day. (I hate rest day and I don't rest often so this is essential for me)
7. Make new friends and stay connected to old ones. (Because I am miles away from home, its nice to get to know new people but also keep in touch with old friends.)
8. Always reflect back to myself. Do I want others to treat me like how I have treated them?
9. Cook more often and save some money
10. By the end of the day, always be content and happy of what you have.

I hope all of you follow this challenge with me ! Hears to the journey of making a better us ! *cheers*

hugs and kisses

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