Friday, 25 September 2015

Snow like Ashes || Book Review

Snow Like Ashes 

Winter is destroyed and the magic of the land fades away like a drying water color. Or is it really? Snow like Ashes is a really 'girl power' like story. The character, Meria, who is an orphan, along with eight of Winterians escape the Spring Kingdom that has destroyed Winter and have been waiting years to attack back and free the people of Winterians that has been enslaved. However, with magic lost, it is impossible for 8 people to attack a bold army of Spring.

As Meria grows up, she learns self defense, history of Winter, and also fighting. Meria, even though was a baby when Winter was destroyed, feels a strong connection, a strong desire to save Winter. She wants Winter to be dancing with magic again and the people to roam around freely. Among the 8 survivors was the prince, Mather. Mather and Meria grew up together, but knowing he is the prince and she was only an orphan, she dare not to speak of her heart.

They try to seek alliance with other kingdoms but no one was willing to go against Spring for a lost cost of Winter.When they do find a kingdom to help, it was for a price. William, the commander, along with the prince, made a deal with the kingdom, Cordell. The price is Meria. Meria will have to marry the prince of Cordell,Theron. Tension between Mather and Theron got hot but Marie knows what she has to do for Winter. She struggles before to think what was her true purpose. Now she knows she no longer speak for herself, but for Winterians, for Winter.

When Meria is captured by Spring, she learns the true secret to how and why Spring had destroyed Winter. She is also put into a cell with all the Winterians. In the cave where all her people stayed for decades, she finds hope and new strength to get Winter back.

It was a very touching and adventurous book. There's a lot of thriller, romance, and action going on. Simple to say, it's like a big old hot soup with everything you love in it on a cold winter day. I really want to get my hands on the next squeal now.

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