Monday, 7 September 2015

PS I Still Love You || Book Review

PS I Still Love You

ASDFGHJKL. This book has got me laughing and crying and fallen in love like it was my first and last. I adore the characters and how they grow and change. This book is funny, romantic and so naive. I read the whole 350 pages in one sitting with no regrets the next morning. 

If you don't know, (shame of you), this book is a sequel to the book To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Lara Jean is a utterly innocent and funny girl who loves baking. I cannot tell you how many times my stomach growled last night whiles I was reading how she baked cookies and cakes. In this book she finally confessed her love to the boy she 'like'. (she doesn't like to use the word love because it's not something she likes to admit). However, the relationship got complicated when the pass hunts them like a shadow. 

I think this book really was meant to teach us that sometimes love doesn't work out the first time and sometimes we have to ignore everything else and listen to our heart for who does it beats for. Overall it was utterly beautifully written.

hugs and kisses

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