Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Kiss of Deception || Book Review

The Kiss of Deception

Today was the day a thousand dreams would die and a single dream would be born.

This book tells a story of a princess who was the First Daughter of the King, the First Daughter of the Kingdom. She held a huge responsibility to make an alliance with other  kingdom by marriage.  It was also told that the First Daughter would have magical power, a vision that no one else has. However, Princess Lia did not want her faith to be written down by other people. She wanted to build her own dream, her own love and her own future family.

Lia ran away during her wedding day and fled to a small town with her best friend Paulina who was also her maid. They both stayed in Paulina's aunt's house and worked as waitresses. Lia thought she would finally be free from the rules and order of the king, the responsibilities of a princess and of first daughter but people were after her, her father's guards, soldiers, assassins and even the prince whom she was suppose to marry. The moment she ran away from her kingdom, people have been finding opportunities to bring it down. 

The Prince wanted to look for Lia, not because he was angry she ran away but because he wanted to know who she was and why has she had the courage and strength  to run away from a marriage that he was not able to. He had to find her and he promised he will.

On the other hand, an assassin was hired to slip the princess' throat out. Both of the men found Lia. Both of them feel in love with her. As you read this book, you won't know who's the prince and who's the assassin. So it was both a mystery for you and for Lia. 

The ending was horrifyingly amazing. It made me jump out of my chair wanted for book two. It was definitely a cliff hanger. A fascinating, unforgettable book, it was.

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