Friday, 24 April 2015

Off the Page || Book Review

Off the Page

It's your birthday, now make a wish.

I assure you that many girls wished for jewelry and priceless love. And a handful of them might even wish for a prince charming. Delilah did. She wished for a prince charming and she got one.
Oliver is a fiction character in a children's book and Delilah was in love with him.

Have you ever love a book so much that when your eyes move across the words, it feels like the character is speaking to you? 

When Oliver came into the real world, leaving the fiction one behind, Edger, the author's son went into it. Don't get it wrong, Edger wanted to go. He wanted to experience the world his mother has created. But like all fiction story, things are not always perfect. When the characters escape the fiction world, it expose to them the danger of the real world, death. In a book, when you messed up, you can always flip the page back and start over; when you die, you get to be reborn on the first page.

With many lost and deaths, Delilah and Oliver has to decide what's best for everyone. Delilah could not bare the though of jeopardizing Oliver's life, but she too could not image a  world without her prince charming.

Off the Page is a book worth-wild. It grabs the readers soul without their knowledge. By the time you are jumping out of your seats, crying and shedding tears, it's too late. You're hooked! The two authors did an amazing job in balancing the elements of romance, fantasy, conflict, family crisis and power of friendship. After reading this book, it really helped me to reflect my personal life because the authors leave significant messages in the printed words. It made me realize that everyone has a story, to you, you story may not be worth telling, but its also a story no one has heard of before. Just because your story is not written down, does not mean it doesn't exist. And it left me thinking, what's your story? This book is a fairy tale with no promising of a happy ending. And that is okay because a good book does not have to make you happy, it just has to be a satisfying good read. It can make me cry and furious but glad that I read to The End.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it really fall? 
If a character sits in a book and no one read it, is it truly alive? 
As your eyes move across the page, as you hear the story in your head, 
the characters moved for you, spoken for you, and felt for you.
So you see, its quite difficult to know who own a story. 
Is it the writer, who crafted it? The character, who carry the plot forward? 
Or you, the reader, who breathes life into them?

hugs and kisses

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