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Mother of Eden by Chris Beckett || Book Review

Mother of Eden

Always remember that women are just as good as men. Don't ever treat someone differently because the way they look or because of the color of their skin. Just because someone thinks they are important doesn't mean they're better than anyone else, and nor does having a lot of stuff. Don't treat people like they are just things and watch out for men who thinks the story is all about them. 

This books tells a story of a young girl who bloom into a strong women, making the kingdom a better place. Long ago, the grounds were divided into two kingdom. Both were swore enemies and fought for one thing;  mother's love, Eden. When Starlight married Greenstone, who was the Headmen of his kingdom, she became the mother of the people. As a mother, she tried to do the rights to the wrongs, a deep mark that crave in the kingdom for history. She tried to bring fairness and equality to the people. To her, there's no big people or small people, no one should be destine with their future based on their looks, and no one has the right to take away the wills of the people. She believed that every one was equal, man or women, black or white, and rich or poor. Her determination and courage won peoples heart and surely the readers'.

Not everyone agreed with her unfortunately, especially the chiefs and the head of the Councils. They tried to turn against her and Greenstone. Chief Dixon, a powerful chief, husband to the daughter of the previous king, crave to be the Headman and take over the kingdom. He destroyed Starlight and Greenstone empire. Starlight fled but Greenstone wasn't that lucky. He was chained and killed. As the kingdom rule under Dixon and his wife Lucy, Starlight escape.

However, she never give up. To her, she was till the people's mother and what mother would abandon her children?

People say that Eden was never dead. She only transform and dwell in different bodies. The people believed that Eden walks on their grounds again and is going to bring the kingdoms back together. They believe Starlight has Eden's spirit.

This book was fascinating and so different. It delivered a strong message to the readers; women are just as good as men. The strength and courage of a young girl inspired me to make a change.

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