Friday, 15 May 2015

Those Girls || Book Review

Those Girls by Chevy Stevens

This book is brutally unforgettable. It has all the elements you crave in a thriller book: evil, mysterious, horror, and desperation. What makes the book shine was the sister bond the author created.

Dani, Courtney and Jess Campbell grew up in a farm. Their mother died and they are left with their alcoholic father. One day, their father comes home drunk and starts to abuse them. Their father started to hit Courtney and was about to drown her in the toilet. Jess held a gun in her hand and has to make a choice between her father and her sister Courtney.

The buried the body and ran away as fast as they could. They drove and drove out of the farm, out of the town and out of their old life.

Then suddenly their car broke down and some boys came to offer help. The girls knew they were trouble but they had no choice, they were stuck. And trouble was what the boys were. They tricked the girls, hurt them, torture them, and raped them. This part was really scary but that fear is what drives you to not stop reading ! 

The girls finally got out. They escaped to another town where they found hope. A glimpse of hope to start all over. They worked two to three jobs, and never talked about the past. Weeks past and Jess had not had her period. She became suspicious and went for a pregnancy test. The bar was blue. She panic and her sisters did too. It was too late for abortion. Can they raise the child even though they can't even guarantee their own three meals? Will the child look like her bloody baster father? What happens if the child finds out about the father or worst, what happens if the father finds out about the child?

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