Friday, 16 October 2015

The Mask || Book Review

The Mask

She was the predator reborn, fully formed and ready to fight.

The Mask tells a story about a couple who are professional spy, killers, and hunters. They kill for a living. On one mission, Munroe and her boyfriend, Miles, went to Japan to uncover a large scandal. However, before Miles was able to finish his mission, he was accused to murder a Chinese women and got arrested. With Miles stuck in jail. Munroe has to find the real murderer whiles trying to stay alive. 

This book has a lot of adventure, mystery, and CSI feel to it.Its funny how I recently learned about nonverbal in class and in this book, it emphasized a lot about gestures and posture that will give away a lie. I find Munroe to be a really strong character with so much determinations, will power, responsibility, and courage. It was fun to be in the "bad" guy mind space for the 300+ pages, not gonna lie. I got to kick asses and be a CSI for a day. This book also reminds me of the fantasy series, Thirst, largely because both books revolve around powerful women making changes. 

Nonetheless, I think it's an exciting book. If you like Sherlock, CSI, Lie to Me, or Dr Foster then this book will scream to you.

Some strong lines that I've found in this book are:

  • Live in fear or die free
  • Yesterday's truth is today's lie, and tomorrow we will both be someone else.

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