Thursday, 8 October 2015

Bright Lights, Dark Nights || Book Review

Bright Lights, Dark Nights

"My sister used to say there's millions of colors in the world, but most people only see a few shades of gray," Naomi said.  

This book was amazingly touching, cute and true. It is about love, friends, family, and race. We all live in a world where races may never be equal. We might not want to admit it but it is true, tho we are better at not judging other cultures then we were before. This book tells a story about a white boy, Walter,  falling in love with a black girl, Naomi. The setting in the book is at a big, complex city where color skin is not seen as equal. Everything is fine, until Walter's dad got into a big situation that includes racism. Walter has to find a way to keep his relationship with Naomi whiles trying to convince his dad that colors are only color and what's important is the soul inside.

Some strong sentence that I marked down on this book are:

People are going to look at you. Everyone's going to have an opinion. Get used to the whisper. 

You can replace all the broken bulbs and relight the darkest alley, one at a time, until the whole thing glows bright like Main Street.

I really recommend this book because Walter is just an amazing boy and to be in his head space through out this book, you can really connect to him. He is naive and a little insecure. His family was pretty messed up. He grew up in an environment without love. His dad was a workaholic and his mom was depressed. He basically had no one to tell him that he did a good job, that he had amazing eyes, that he was special and unique. He didn't have his parents complimenting him, guiding him and supporting him. As you read through the book, you can see and feel how Walter grew stronger physically and mentally. It was a really good read and the pictures in the book were really entertaining. 

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