Thursday, 26 February 2015

Near Enemy || Book Review

Near Enemy 

This book is nothing what you can imagine ! Its dream in a dream, literally

Its a sci-fic fantasy world where people could escape into a limp while their bodies are sleeping in the real world. Things were doing just fine until someone was killed in the limp. And that may not seem like a big deal but bare in mind the number one law of the limp is, no one dies. Its basically a dream and you cant die in your dream. So, they have to fine out who that has been doing the killing and why. This crazy adventure the author takes you, along with the characters, will pull you out of your seats each time.

This book was out of the ordinary. It was different and after the second chapter, I fell in love with it. The excitement and mystery are unless ! When you dive into this book, there is no way you can put it down without thinking of it. Even in your sleep you will be wondering about it. That, my friend, is a sign of a good, well written book.

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