Thursday, 5 February 2015

Midnight Thief || Book Review

Midnight Thief

She's a professional thief. She could get in and out with no trace, without any sign. One thing she cant do is kill. But life isn't always what we wanted. When she was short on money, Kyra had to find a way to survive. This is where James came along. He was a leader of the Assassin Guild and wanted to hire Kyra to map the palace. Knowing it was dangerous but was temped by the price, Kyra agreed. Kyra did not know why James was obsess with the Palace but it wasn't  her job to find out. Her job was to get in, get the goods and get out.

She mapped the Palace, stole some rubies and herbs for the clan. One day when they were going to steal again, a guard was at the wrong place and the wrong time. Panic, Kyra made her first kill. It wasn't just the guilt she felt when watching the blood dripping out of the man and in her palms, it was something strong inside of her that smacked her right in the gut. 

She ran and ran and left the Assassin Guild. She broke the agreement with James and eventually made them her enemy. Once they were no longer allies, James were a thread. Kyra wanted to know why James was so interested in the Palace. So she spy on the Palace and James for days. Carelessly, she got caught. She was taken and questioned by a knight, Tristam. When the Council knew that the Assassin Guild was on the move, they wanted to dig up information and plan war against them. 

The Assassin Guild were killers but they also had allies with dark magic. There were stories once told that a beast could walked in men form and that they would eat raw flesh, capturing women and children at night. Kyra believed that the reason why the Assassins Guild got so strong was because they had the beast as allies. Tristam, too believe so. 

Both of them worked together to solve this unless mystery that haunted the whole Palace. In the end, they all knew one thing, to end the Assassin Guild, they have to attack the center. And that was to kill James. but the thing was, Kyra was the only one who could do so. 

Kyra spied on James one night and over heard him talking to the beast in form of men. It terrified her but a part of her felt connected. When James won over Kyra in a fight, the beast took Kyra. She thought she would die but when she woke up, the beast was healing her. It was then she realized and learnt that she was one of them.

When Tristam heard that Kyra was taken he went against his order and search for her. The beasts saw him as a thread and planned to traid him to James in return for goods. Knowing it would be a sentence of death, Kyra helped Tristam escape. Kyra had a dilemma of helping Tristam and to betray her own kind. But she was too human to see Tristam die, not when he sacrificed to come save her. When James came to trade, Kyra spotted his trick. James poisoned the Breasts' leader. So Kyra challenge him in a fight. She won over him this time because her beast self grew stronger.

Kyra knew she could run away from the mess she created in the Palace but she also knew it wound be wrong. So she went back and face her faith, as a human and half a beast.

I would say this book reminded me of The Throne of Glass. It was a really satisfying read. The adventure and the twist of magical creature. The excitement and suspense. It was a whole package. I really liked Kyra, the character, as she was strong, bold and naive. She makes mistakes but she accepted her mistakes and moved on. If you liked the Throne of Glass, you will definitely love this one.

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