Friday, 20 February 2015

Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Years in Japan || Book Review

Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Years in Japan

The title speaks for itself ! It was amazing I felt like i was in the book and I was gonna get killed. Sherlock was on a mission to save Japan from a group of terrorist. He was suppose to be "dead" but he fake it so that he could create and new identity.

However, on his journey to Japan, there was multiple murder and mysterious kills. They were all aiming at Sherlock and it made his journey very eventful. The only safe place, he figure, was with in the Japan emperor's palace.

This book took me on a adventurous and mysterious road that left a permanent imprint in my mind for days. I wish I could be as observant as Sherlock to say the truth. This book is both fun and exciting at the same time. Highly highly highly recommend !

(On sale : March 2015)

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