Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Fireproof Home For the Bride || Book Review

A Fireproof Home For the Bride

She is a brave, strong girl but was born in the wrong time, in the wrong century. Emmy is a Lutheran, she knew her faith that in the future, she would get married to the boy in town and be a lovely wife with 4 children. But she knows and believes that she is more then that. After discovering the buried truth of her family and her religion, she was more keen to dig up the towns' mystery. The truth burns her soul with hot ice flame.

While she was meant to be married to a guy whom she had known all her life, she fell in love with a Catholic boy who was rich and utterly good looking. Because he was Catholic, it was against her religious believe and her family's legacy.

As she discover more and more truth, it was like one small cut after another, bleeding out her thicken skin. All of the things she thought was true and the people whom she though she knew deeply, turned to be a lie.

I really enjoyed this book. It is quite old century but it emphasize the strength and independent of a young girl who had nothing and no one to believe in her but herself. She believed that she could so she did. It was both motivational and inspirational.

(on sale March 2015)

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