Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Ways to Ease Bloating || Healthy Eats

Hello Beautiful People !

Ever feel bloated for no reasons? You ate healthy, you exercise but it never seems to go right?
Here are ways to reduce bloats:

  • Walk more ! Just by walking, your body relaxes and stresses at the same time. I find that you get less constipated when you walk more and the major reason why you are bloated is because you are constipated and have poor digestive track.

  • Cardio. Cardio doesn't have to be long and boring . I like to cycle and run with music on and with friends and family of course !

  • Roll ups. Need to stay in from the weather? Have an exam and need a review but have no time for outdoor activities? Well, roll out your yoga mat and start doing crunches, have your book or laptop beside you if you want to study or watch videos. This makes the work out more fun and before you know it you are doing 8 minutes of crunches in one go.

  • Plank ! Plank plays a major part in toning your body up for sure.

  • Clean your house. Take one day and do house chores. It doesn't have to be heavy and hard. You could vacuum or mop the floor. It is all a good way to get your body moving.

  • Eat more fiber ! For example, broccoli, beans, apples and oatmeals are easy ways to add fiber in your diet.

  • Snack on fruits or trail mix. Its filling and good for you. I like having an orange or pumpkin seed for snacks. Sometimes, I make hummus to go along with apples. When you know how to make healthy snacks, there's no turning back. They are not only good for you but that are so delicious !

  • Add good fats in your diet ! Avocado, nuts and seeds are all good source of healthy fats.

  • Cut out Junk. One phrase, you cant out run a unhealthy diet.

  • Fish ! Fishes are known for their omega fatty acids that are belly fat busting. It actually breaks the belly fats and not let your body store them as excessive fats.

  • Water ! Sometimes, your body is bloated not because you have a lot inside but because your cells are dehydrated. So drink up !

  • Lift weights ! I cant tell you how good lifting weight feels. The sore and pain is so satisfying and addicting. Plus, the more you lift the faster your metabolism. And don't be afraid that your will get too bulk. The real reason why people get bulky is maybe they took steroids but other then that, you will be good. 

  • Sleep. I have not give sleep the credit it should have. After months of sleeping early, I not only find my skin and body feels a lot fresher. It is also said that when you have enough sleep, you tend to eat lesser, as in, you eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.
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