Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beautiful Creature || Book Review

Beautiful Creature Book Review

Its about a boy, Ethan, who constantly have this dream of a  girl and finally one day, he met her. And she wasn't really who he thought she was. She was Lena Duchannes, niece of Macon Ravenwood who was the town's mystery man ,so rich but never leaves the house. So Lena goes to the same school as Ethan and same class as well. Ethan felt a connection with Lena, a way that he did not understand , they could talk and communicate with each other just by thinking and the weirdest part is they have the same dream. It wasn't an ordinary dream, it was always about a girl, falling, a man dying, and blood everywhere. They didn't have the answer nor did they willingly to admit it. Lena was a caster, meaning she have magic powers but was uncertain if she was Dark or Light. Casters are "Claimed" when they turn 16. Lena always was afraid what she would become so she kept her distance. Until they found a locket.
Each time they touch it together, they fall into this mysterious dream or a vision of a girl. She was Lena's great grand mother who was a Light, but to bring her soul mate Ethane back to life, she cast a spell. Every spell comes with a price. She became Dark, but that was not all, every girl from her generation onwards will be cursed. Lena was devastated and lost all hope that  she might be with good.
The Dark was coming after her, her heart longs for a peace simple life with Ethan, her soul knows it was too much to ask and worst of all, someone was trying to kill her. Someone dark, someone who wanted her dead so badly, and someone who knows her so well that she was picking every last nerve of Lena. The Darkest Caster alive, Lena's mother. Now she has to decide, she has to choose between Light and Dark. Is she chooses Light, all the Dark will die, including her uncle who has been protecting her since she was born. If she choose Dark, then all the Light will die including her own personality and her believe. She would no longer be herself nor will she feel the way she feel now, her world will turn dark and sinister.
This book is definitely a good read over the cold winter holidays, it has a nice combination of humor, love , mystery and fantasy. The character Ethan was strong and determine, full of passion while Lena was brave and realistic. The characters felt real and the story line was complete but also have some holes for more mysteries that yet haven't been discover.
Rate : 4.2/5

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