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Legend Series || Book Review

Legend Book Series Review

Days was the top wanted people in the whole country. The problem was, he didn't do anything wrong nor had he broken any rules, tho the government saw him as a threat. He was a lab rat, a lab rat that succeed the procedure, a procedure that killed ever kid who was tested on it, he was a survivor.

Tess was a rich girl who is taken cared by her brother after her parents died. Tess was smart, beautiful and perfect. One day, her brother got killed and she suspected Days. A young girl, nearly graduating, was out to find the country most dangerous and wanted person, Days, that the military could not even lay their hands on. Tho, Tess was smart, too smart. So she found him. Only then when getting to know him, she highly suspect that he was the one who killed her brother. But it was too late, armies, military and the government has already capture him because she lead them to him , because she was too cleaver that she was blinded by the truth. Days didn't kill her brother.

Holding on to what she believed in, she has to find a way to break Day out of jail. Tess trusted the government until she found out that the government were using them on test, using kids as experiments. It made her sick to find out that her own parents were killed because they went against the government. She was furious and that drive burn bright in her soul. She was now more determined to help Days, and to destroy the whole government.

People were willing to help but with a cost. Tess and Days has to find out who can be trusted and who was a piece of checker. Who was safe and who was the devil.

This book took me out of my seat! It is very exciting and the story line was absolutely memorizing. This book made me want to learn more of politics, which surprisingly, I never thought I would. A very nicely written book that is both moving and thrilling.

Rate : 4.3/5

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