Thursday, 1 January 2015

After Light || Book Review

After Light Book Review

The people are hunting them, the government wants them dead, and it was up to them to save their ass.
Last two book was a wild rice from being in prison camp to fighting battles. Ruby and Cole caught Clancy and chain him up, digging information from him of his mother who was finding the "cure". Truth is, there wasn't any cure, just a device the government will plant into a small kid's brain so they wont be able to use their powers. The whole disease started with the government and now they are punishing the kids for their own mistake. The government wanted to experiment, so they place a chemical substance in drinking water with the main consumers were kids and pregnant women. Over generation, genetic mutation was formed and the ability of the kids begin to rise above the surface.
Ruby has been having endless sleep and migraines. Clancy was playing with her mind, moving her around, getting information for him and planning his escape like a little toy, a checkmate. Before Ruby could put together the missing pieces, it was too late, Clancy called back up, well, Ruby did, under Clancy's control. Because of that, Cole walked into a trap and was killed. Ruby couldn't face Liam or herself.  Now, Ruby has to go back to her nightmare, her camp, her room, her cell. She has to, to save her friends and to stop people from testing the kids like lab rats.So she head back into the camp, not because of guilt but because she wants to finish this. She wants to finish what she had believed in, what Cole had been putting effort on, and what all the kids in camp has been wishing each night before bed. Freedom.
In the end, they were still infected but they were all free.
Rate : 4.6/5

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