Friday, 2 January 2015

Top 5 Healthy Eating Myth || Healthy Eats

Hello Beautiful People

Today, I will be talking and explaining to you about the Top 5 Healthy Eating Myth ! Believe it or not, it's true!

1. Eggs are bad for you because it is high is cholesterol

a. Egg yolk are the only ones with high HEALTHY cholesterol.
b. If you are a healthy and normal person, just eat the damn egg. Egg YORK are only not recommended to people with super high cholesterol.

Eggs are so good for you. They are fit foods that build muscles and help your nervous system

2 Carbohydrate makes you fat

Note: There’s no question that loading up on sugary and refined-carbohydrate-rich foods, such as white bread, pasta and doughnuts, can raise your risk of developing health problems like heart disease and diabetes. But if you cut out so-called “good-carb” foods, such as whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables, you’re missing out on your body’s main source of fuel as well as vital nutrients and fiber. What’s more, for many people, a low-carb diet may be harder to stick with in the long run.

Everything we eat is carbs, fruits, vegetables, oats! When you break it down to just oat or fruits or vegetables, you can say they are healthy but really, they are all under the same family-carbs.

3. Calories eaten at night are more fattening than those eaten early in the day.

Your body doesn't have a watch. Your body doesn't know when the sun is up or when it's twilight. Your body only knows that it is hungry or full and if it needs food for fuel. That is it. Eating at night wont make you fat. Only watch what you eat because if you eat too much, you tend to find it difficult to sleep at night and feel really bloated. But you don't get fat or anything. Its not what time you eat, it is what you eat.

4. You have to count calories to lose weight

Your body is not a number. An apple is 100 calories and an oreo cookie is 60 calories. Don't tell me that eating an apple will make you fat. Value nutrition more then calories. Calories is a unit of energy your body needs. FYI, if people tell them you need 1200 a day to lose weight, ignore them.1200 Calories is for a new born baby. Woman under 25 years old need 3000 calories a day and 3500 for men. Why so much calories? Well, where do I start? You muscle need to move in order for you to move, your lungs need to contract and relax so you can breath, your brain needs to function for you to think, you body is growing everyday creating new cells and your heart requires calories (energy) to beep. See you dont realize that your body needs it, just because you didn't go for a run or didn't go to the gym, doesn't mean your body stop functioning.

5. Cheat days are bad and will ruin your diet

Cheat days, if you hadn't know already, is a day where you eat whatever you are craving. So lets say you eat healthy from Sundays to Fridays and on Saturdays, you have pizza or ice cream or anything you crave. Having a cheat day is not that bad, it keeps you sane and it actually motivates you, looking forward to the next workout and the next healthy meal. If one person goes on for months or even weeks without cheat meals, then he will be restricting himself and focusing too much on healthy eating. And if luck isn't at your side, this obsession of healthy eating all the time can lead to orthorexia and eating disorder.
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