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Bones & All || Book Review

Bones & All

A novel with a touch of horror that leads you to a world of fantasy and a promising dark classic.

This book is about a girl, Maren, who has a dark secret , a secret that she herself was uncertain for. She did dark things, she knew it but she couldn't help it. She eats flesh;- human flesh. Her first was her babysitter and her mother freaked out. Since then, she was never left alone with anyone but that didn't last long. People make mistakes and accidents happen. She killed her first sweetheart, Luke. She killed her mother's manager's son. When her mother left her because she was scared and terrified of Maren, her own daughter, who was a monster. Maren packed up her things in search for her father, hoping that she was not alone with this dark secret, hoping tat her father was some what like her, hoping she could find a comfort of home again and hoping she could have answers to her darkest secret. 

-Spoiler Alert-
Maren then met Sully on her way. Sully was a hundred year old man who was her kind. Now, she knew she wasn't alone and she knew there was still hope. Sully was kind to her and advice her not to waste her time finding her father but Maren was determined so she left. Then she met Lee, who helped her along the was to find her father. She learnt many things about Lee and they grew closer together. Lee never liked Sully and warned Maren about him. Finally Maren found her father, he was in a mental hospital. She visited him and all her questions, all her endless questions were answered. When Maren had no where else to go, she went to Sully after she chased Lee away. Like what Lee had said, Sully wasn't a simple kind man who was willing to help a little girl in need. Maren learnt the true secret behind Sully's story that could kill her. And it almost did.

This book is utterly beautiful and nicely written. It makes us, fantasy-lovers craving for more. This book reminds me of the dark tales people used to told stories about but with a twist. The character Maren is a strong girl with intelligent mind and generous heart. She is easy to connect to and her character felt so real and alive. This book is brutally brilliant and unforgettable that leaves you wondering at night and even in your meals. 

This book is an advanced readers' edition that was sent to me by Minotaur Books. It will be on sale and in stores on March 2015 so mark your calender guys, it's a book worth every penny !

Rate : 4.5/5

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